“First Day of Work” – from Lance Madden, ’14

Going to work once a week in an office is a totally different experience from school, especially if you work at O’Neill and Associates. At O’Neill, I learn how a business runs, I see the ins and outs of almost every job, and I even learn about the other businesses they work with. The jobs I do at O’Neill are always different, whether I am helping set up meetings, doing expense reports, working with finances, or even running errands. The employees demonstrate a huge amount of trust in me, and they have done so since I first started. I love my job, the people I work with, and the things I do. The people at my job treat me as if I am one of them, and even though I’m in high school, I feel like I’ve matured through my Corporate Work Study job.

Believe it or not, I knew O’Neill and Associates was perfect for me from the first day of orientation. At first, I felt I was walking into orientation blind since I knew so little about where I would be working. I only knew that the senior working at O’Neill and Associates loved it and had been working there her whole four years. I also knew we would have a lot of responsibility.

As a freshman that had never worked anywhere like this, I was nervous. I was literally shaking because I did not know what was to expect. I got into the office and saw my supervisor, Nairi Aprahamian. She had taught “First Impressions” in summer training. She knew how shy and quiet I was, and she picked me to work with her. It was a total surprise! She was the one who got me to come out of my shell a little bit in summer training. After I met Thomas O’Neill, CEO of O’Neill and Associates and an alum of the school, as well as the rest of the staff, I became more excited than nervous to start my job. I knew I was going to work in an amazing place.

So, here I am a little more than a year later, and I am still working at O’Neill and Associates. I’m happy to say that because of that first day, I plan on working here until I graduate in 2014.

Lance Madden

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