“Hard Work Pays Off” – from Autumn Taylor-Kelley, ’14

At the sound of the bell on Friday afternoons, many of my friends bolt down the stairs in a haste to get home. While their weekend has started, I, assisted by a portion of the creative minds of Cristo Rey Boston, stay behind planning after school activities that will entertain them. Together we form the Dance and Prom Committee.

At our meetings, we plan and coordinate school Dances, Proms, and other events. Planning includes, but is not limited to, picking a date, theme, attire, decorating, and creating fliers to advertise the event.  One of the most fulfilling things of having this responsibility is seeing how hard work pays off. However, the most difficult part of being on this committee is trying to plan events that will live up to multiple peoples’ expectations.

On the night of an event, my classmates attend, not knowing what to expect. But the skeptical mood changes and the aura that fills the room proves that they are having a great time. This shows us that, although it may be difficult at times, our effort is worthwhile. Why am I telling you this?  Because hard work is appreciated and beneficial to yourself and others. While staying motivated may be difficult, in doing so, you will find the fruits of your labor to be quite wholesome.  Said perfectly by Aristotle, “The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.”

Autumn Taylor-Kelley

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