Corporate Work Study Students of the Month

Cristo Rey Boston stays up-to-date with Corporate Partners through the Impact Newsletter. The Director of the Corporate Work Study Program, Sue Marble Cuthbert, shares insights with employers as the year progresses, and one special section is “Students of the Month.”

We’re happy to share the short bios of our CWSP Students of the Month from March, just a small glimpse of what we send out in the Impact.

Aicha Tavares – The Broad Institute

Aicha, a freshman Wednesday worker at Cristo Rey Boston, works in the Administrative Department at The Broad Institute doing all sorts of tasks. She files agreements, assists in the editing of patents, files detailed transaction and grant reports, and is even helping to write a guide for Broad employees on how to use desktops!

Her supervisor, Marilyn Smith, cannot say enough about her. “Aicha has been a stellar employee at the Broad Institute — responsive, receptive to all new tasks, a quick learner and independent thinker, exceeds our expectations on every project, and goes out of her way to learn more about the work she is doing.  One of her supervisors commented that ‘There are not enough positive adjectives to describe her work and attitude.'”

While remaining busy at work, Aicha finds the atmosphere at Broad to be friendly. She says that she is treated as an equal, rather than just a high school intern. This is one of the things that she enjoys most about Cristo Rey Boston: the friendly atmosphere. Because it’s so small, she says, CRB is like a family. She trusts the students and the teachers have an open door policy where you can talk to them about problems, both academic and personal.  The classes also challenge her to be the best student she can be.

Aicha is in the medical scholars program through Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and says she wants to be an OBGYN.

Congratulations to Aicha on being selected as one of our students of the month!

Jardel Mendes – Fidelity Investments 

Jardel, a freshman at Cristo Rey Boston, is a Friday worker at Fidelity Investments. He works in the College Relations department and his main job is to find out which college internship applicants have filled out a profile on Fidelity’s website. He does this by looking through two binders called “General” and “Executive.” Jardel also makes copies and works in shipping.

Nataly Moreno, his supervisor, is very happy with Jardel’s performance this year. “Jardel is a quick learner, professional and always willing to do more than he’s asked to do.  He’s a great example of wanting to learn as much as possible,” she says.

As a freshman, Jardel is fully immersing himself in his high school experience. He played on the JV basketball team this year and is starting to work out with the soccer team this spring. So far, he is loving his time at CRB and hopes to either be an engineer or work with technology.

Congratulations to Jardel on being selected as one of our students of the month!

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