Lisa Edouard, ’12 – Academic Signing Day Preview

As the days dwindle down and I get closer to becoming a Cristo Rey Boston alum, the nostalgic feelings set in and I begin to feel like my time here is running out. If someone had asked me when I was a shy freshman what I wanted to accomplish by my senior year, my answers would have been few.

I wouldn’t have known that I would become a volleyball player my sophomore year, or that I would star in two musicals by the end of my junior year. My time at Cristo Rey Boston has been filled with moments that I would never take back. Whether it was moments spent with my friends or bonding with teachers over shared interests, the school has left me with memories that I’ll keep for the rest of my life. Cristo Rey Boston has provided me with a secure foundation that I know I can trust in wherever I am this fall.

When I think about the next four years, I once again have no idea what is in store for me. But I do know I want to be happy with the decision I make for college. Although it is a difficult decision to make, I feel I am taking many different factors into consideration. Similar to many of my classmates, I have to decide if I want to attend a school in-state or out-of-state. At the end, I know I want to be at a school where I can get the best education, make new friends, and build on to the Jesuit values that the staff at Cristo Rey has worked so hard to instill in us.

Out of nine choices, I narrowed down the list to three: U-Mass Amherst, Boston College, and Simmons College. I, for one, cannot wait to share this exciting moment with you! Thank you for your continuous support, and thank you to those who have stood by me and helped me as I make my choice! As for now, I leave you with this: Minutemen have pride, guts and glory. An Eagle’s stride can’t be matched, even if you tried. And Sharks take no game but bring the pain. However, the school I’m choosing, my final choice, will bring the pain, the game, the pride and the stride … GO _______ !

Lisa Edouard, ’12

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One Response to Lisa Edouard, ’12 – Academic Signing Day Preview

  1. Amy Hull - Greater Media Boston says:

    Lisa … I can’t wait to hear you make your public ‘declaration’! You’ve worked very hard at Cristo Rey, which has given you the gift of choice — choice among some of our country’s BEST colleges. You have an amazing future ahead of you, a future you’ve earned. I can only wish you the very best as you begin this new chapter!

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