Sofia Ladner, ’12 — Academic Signing Day Preview

I’ve come a long way from realizing what my purpose in life is. Pilot. Architect. Dancer. I think I even wanted to be a dog-walker at some point in my life. But after this incredible journey through high school, I came upon one realization. That no matter what I do with my life or where I end up, it isn’t about the destination; it’s all about the journey.

I’ve come to a fork in the road where I know that wherever I decide to go, this decision, this moment, will determine the rest of my life. So dramatic, I know. But it’s true. I had this in mind when deciding where to go for my undergraduate education. What kind of journey do I want to take?

Every school promises you an incredible experience, you’ll be able to meet new people, work at unthinkable sites, and be taught by some of the world’s most recognized professors. That’s when you’re supposed to ask the question: Do I fit into that environment?

This question took me a while to understand, but when I finally absorbed it, it was clear. Thanks to the support of my family and my friends, and of course the faculty here at Cristo Rey, I know that I need to make my own decision on this.

The most difficult decision I have to make is determining whether I would be able to leave my family to head off for school. You see, I am a part of a family that consists my mom, my dad, my sister and I. That’s it. No one else. After emigrating from Argentina 10 years ago we decided to stay in this beautiful city alone. Christmases, birthdays, always three in the picture and one behind the camera.

My journey starts Tuesday, and who knows what my destination will be.

Sofia Ladner, ’12

Sofia picks between Georgetown, Boston University, and Fordham on Tuesday, May 1st! Come to the Academic Signing Day to see what she decides!

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One Response to Sofia Ladner, ’12 — Academic Signing Day Preview

  1. dougbritt127 says:


    Congratulations on your hardwork and dedication. I remember how special it was to be accepted and say “yes!” I know you’ll grow and contribute to the Georgetown commumity. As we say at Georgetown…

    Welcome home,

    Doug Britt
    Col 01

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