Nickole Gonzalez-Vasquez, ’12 – Academic Signing Day Preview

As the acceptance letters began to arrive in March and April, I realized that picking a college was not going to be as easy as I first thought it would be. I applied to a number of top programs for math and science since those are my favorite subjects. Out of my top choices, I received my WPI acceptance first. I was surprised but grateful to have been given the chance to attend such a great college. My plans as of right now are to double-major in mathematics and physics and hopefully lead myself into engineering in graduate school – therefore, WPI seemed like one of the best choices to achieve my goals. I then received my Villanova acceptance, which was a pleasant surprise since I was anxiously awaiting their decision. This school is said to have one of the top engineering colleges across the country, which again satisfied my future goals. Lastly, I received my Holy Cross acceptance. I had done an overnight program at Holy Cross back in the fall. After this visit, I knew that I would not regret enrolling at Holy Cross if I was accepted. I was already interested in their offering of the 3+2 Engineering Program so getting a feel of what life would be like on campus just completed my confidence of being happy and succeeding at this college.

A few weeks ago, during my April vacation, I visited Washington, DC with some classmates and school faculty. That visit helped me make my final choice. Feeling like a stranger in DC helped me experience the feel of a new place and it ended up being a positive and helpful experience towards my college decision. Each college offers everything I look forward to experience my next four years, but of course I had to choose one that fulfilled my needs the most. During my trip to Washington, I realized what it was like to be away from home. I came to my decision by how comfortable I felt with the location, what majors and opportunities each school offered to accomplish my goals, and how it would affect my family in every aspect. Although I felt reluctant towards my decision a few months ago, I can honestly say that I am happy and anxious to start my new journey.

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