Madeline Sencion, ’12 – Academic Signing Day Preview

Having applied to many competitive schools, I wasn’t sure what to expect when the decision letters were coming in. Day by day I saw my classmates receiving acceptance letters and I had yet to receive any. I anxiously waited to hear back from my schools, but there was one school in particular that I was waiting for: my top choice. Many schools captivated me for a myriad of reasons. Some schools were appealing because of their beautiful campuses, some because of their rigorous curriculum, and others because of their strong sense of community. While all these schools were great, I had one particular school on the top of my list.

I had very small hope of getting into this prestigious school and was resigned to the fact that I probably would not get in. That did not stop me from going for it anyways. In fact, it just made my excitement of being accepted much greater. Once I received my acceptance letter, it was an easy decision. I had received the opportunity I had dreamed of and there was no way I was going to turn it down. Now I simply look forward to taking full advantage of this amazing chance I was given.

Madeline Sencion, ’12

Madeline, our Valedictorian, was accepted to great schools like Smith College, M.I.T., Olin College of Engineering, Cornell, W.P.I. and more! Come to the Academic Signing Day  on May 1st to see what her top pick is!

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