Sergio Daniel Valenzuela, ’12 – Academic Signing Day Recap

(With Academic Signing Day now past us, we give you a last word from one of our top five students as announces his college choice!)

I cannot believe how fast things are coming to a close. In a few months, I will have finished my high school career and journey into a new one! Cristo Rey Boston has taught me so much and I am glad to have been a part of the class of 2012! The many friends I have made and encountered have made my high school experience worthwhile. The faculty members have been a great help to me during such a stressful year with decisions and deadlines. They are always around to help if you need it and that is something I will miss too. I also love the experience that I have gotten by being able to work with corporate sponsors. Brodeur Partners taught me so much and I have learned that working in an office is not bad; actually it can quite intriguing. The experiences both in and out of school have made me the young man that I am today and I am very thankful for such a wonderful opportunity like this. Only thing left now is COLLEGE!

College, to me, seems so surreal. I am so happy and anxious to begin it and see how it differs from high school. I want to go into a college where it feels like home and the community is very welcoming for newcomers. Along with feeling at home, I want to step away from my comfort zone and try new things. I love breaking away from things I am comfortable with and the colleges I have to choose from can do this for me. I also want to be in a place where I am challenged academically; pushing my boundaries to get to a solution for a problem. I do not want to stay complacent. I want to keep testing myself and to see what I truly wish to do in my future. The colleges on my list have met my requirements and quite frankly have surpassed them. The time has come for me to choose. This choice is very hard, but I know the place that I choose will provide all that and much more and will keep going even when things start to get a bit more difficult. No matter how hard or how complicated things get I plan to keep going and each my top three colleges provide me with this as well. Such a difficult choice, but the college I choose to attend is Loyola University Chicago!

Sergio Daniel Valenzuela, ’12

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