Mayor’s Youth Council

As a college-preparatory high school, the latter half of the year often focuses on graduation and the higher educational institutions our seniors will attend next year. We proudly hang the long list of college acceptances, celebrate the choices our seniors make, and prepare to send them off at graduation. Since we still have a month before the big day, and I am sure we will have plenty more to say about our seniors before they go, I wanted to take a brief moment and recognize an incredible accomplishment made outside of the senior class.

Raymond Tejeda is an outstanding sophomore at Cristo Rey Boston, and he was recently elected to Mayor Menino’s Youth Council! He will serve a one-year term as one of 40 student representatives identifying important issues affecting Boston’s youth. Raymond’s leadership skills will be honed and tested as he and his cohort advise the mayor on youth initiatives, employment opportunities, and community programs for the city. At the conclusion of his one-year term, Raymond and the other members of the Youth Council will travel to Washington, D.C., where they will have the opportunity to present their research at the federal level. Past participants in the Youth Council have presented findings to the EPA, the Secretary of Labor, the Attorney General, and many more federal government officials.

Congratulations to Raymond, and we cannot wait to hear more about the great work he does in the coming year!

If you want to see more about the Mayor’s Youth Council, their website is here.

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