A letter to the Cristo Rey Faculty and Staff regarding last week’s events

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Welcome back from vacation. I hope and pray that you, your family, and friends were not harmed during last Monday’s tragedy. I know you join me in praying for the victims, especially for the four young people – ages 8, 23, 26, and 29 – who died in this senseless crime spree.

As our political leaders said at last Thursday’s memorial service, the tragedy brought out the very best of thepeople of Boston. Kevin Cullen, a Globe columnist, said that Boston is known for three things – sports, politics,and revenge. Revenge, he said, will be that our city will emerge stronger and more resilient than it was before last Monday’s bombing. I think he’s right.

On Saturday, my son and I were at the Red Sox game, and we witnessed an opening ceremony and game like no other. Victims, first responders, police, and government leaders were honored. Major League baseball players bawled like babies during the ceremony, there were very few dry eyes in the stands, David Ortiz told the crowd that no one should mess with our city (my son pointed out that he used a curse word as an adjective), Neil Diamond himself came to sing Sweet Caroline in the 8th inning, Daniel Nava hit a three-run homerun after Diamond’s surprise appearance to give the Sox the lead, and the Red Sox won 4-3 (Andrew Bailey nearly blew the save in the top of the 9th, but that’s another story).

The scene at Saturday’s Red Sox game put Boston’s greatness and compassion on display for the world to see.  We are lucky to work in this great city. In my opinion Boston is the best city in the world, a city with caring and resilient people. Boston, as Adam Sandler said in a tweet, is probably the only city in America where if you hurt one of our own, we’ll shut the city down and hunt you down until we find you and bring you to justice.

Our school mirrors the character of our city. We’ve worked very hard this year, and you have performed miracles– kids who couldn’t add or subtract fractions are now poised to complete 9th grade and begin a more intense college prep experience, students who didn’t know how to work are performing better in Boston area companies because of the tireless efforts of our CWSP team, and because of the work of our student life and campus ministry team, our kids feel more loved and cared for than they have in their entire lives. There are countless other stories of students whose lives have been changed forever because of the work you do.

Thank you for all you are doing to help form young people who will become the future leaders of Boston. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great team in the heart of the greatest city in the world.


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