Graduation Day Speech by Jeff Thielman

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I am pleased to welcome our parents, grandparents, guardians, Trustees, alumni, corporate sponsors, and benefactors to the Commencement Exercises for the Cristo Rey Boston High School Class of 2013.

Every one of you is on your way to a four-year college or university this fall. Congratulations.  That is an extraordinary achievement.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, the religious order that started the Cristo Rey movement, taught us that “recognition and gratitude for the good things and gifts in life is greatly esteemed both in heaven and on earth.”  For Ignatius, the first requirement to becoming a complete person is to be grateful for the people we meet, the things we learn, and the challenges we face and overcome every day.

Gratitude is a necessary virtue for men and women of faith, purpose and service, the values of our school, and the values each of you have developed during your four years at Cristo Rey.

One thing we know for certain about the Class of 2013 is how grateful you are for all you have experienced these past four years.  That was apparent to everyone on Wednesday night at the Baccalaureate Mass & Awards Ceremony, and it has been evident in the way you’ve conducted yourselves at school the past four years.  Your sense of gratitude would be the envy of many educators.

It is important that the same sense of gratitude you had at Cristo Rey stays with you as move forward in college and life.  Be grateful as you meet and become friends with the new and interesting people you will meet in college and in your careers. Be grateful for their different perspectives and talents. Be grateful for what you will learn and experience every day in college.  Be grateful for what you will bring to the classroom and what you will bring one day to the boardroom.

On this theme of gratitude, I want you to join me in thanking someone who has devoted countless hours every day for the past six years to our Cristo Rey mission in Boston, Fr. Jose Medina. Fr. Jose is taking a new leadership role in our Church, and we will miss him dearly.  I am grateful for every day that Fr. Medina spent with us, and I can tell you that this school would not be where it is today without his care and concern for everyone in the Cristo Rey community.

Congratulations Class of 2013.  It has been a privilege to know you, to teach you and to support you.  You have the skills, the character, the grit, and the talent needed to reach all of your dreams in the years to come.  You will always part of the Cristo Rey family, we look forward to seeing many times in the future, and we wish you the very best.

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