Salutatorian Speech by Misa Nguyen

Salutatorian, Misa Nguyen, speaking at CRB Graduation 2013

Salutatorian, Misa Nguyen, speaking at CRB Graduation 2013

Class of 2013, today our 4 year journey together ends. Today may be the last day we will ever spend together in one room surrounded by the people who love us. We came a long way to be here today. From our first steps into NCC to our last steps at CRB, we are creating memories that can never be washed away.

Do you remember when we spent the long, hot summer days learning skills for our first day of work? What about the wonderful times, throughout the past four years, when we gave it our best to win spirit week – from designing t-shirts to decorating hall ways, participating in team games, donating money to win the penny war, and running around like a stampede of animals to earn those last few points?

And the times when you would promise yourself you would do homework during study block but then end up sharing stories with friends?

What about when we stayed late one night scrambling to finish our college applications in the computer lab? This was one of the most memorable experiences that we will ever share. We spent twelve hours in a cramped room the night before Christmas break stressing out over what to put on the college applications, and cheering for each person as he or she pressed submit.

These are the moments that make us one, the moments that define us as the Class of 2013. I want you to always keep these memories close to your heart. Never forget where you came from, and to never forget who you are.

We are going off to college in just a few months. We are leaving for Washington DC North Carolina, New York, and other places in order to achieve our dreams. We will be far away from the place that has been your home for the past 4 years. Our families, our teachers, and our friends have each taken a turn to help develop us into the individuals we are. Now it is our turn to take the reins.

You may dream of being the mayor of the city, the president of the United States, or even the king of the universe. I am here to say that whatever your dreams are do not let go. Don’t let a bump in the road make you turn back around. Smooth it out and keep on going! You all have definitely heard that college is difficult and stressful, but you also heard that high school would be intimidating and scary and look at where we are now. On the day of our graduation, we have conquered our fears of high school and we are ready for the next challenge.

Take up your spears and charge into college with heart and courage. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it; don’t let anyone stand in your way. Because I know, along with everyone else in this room, that you will succeed. Cristo Rey Boston has prepared you, your family has prepared you, and your friends have prepared you. Trust me – you are ready.

The memories that you hold in your heart will always be there for you when you need help. Remember that you are never alone. I wish you the best and I hope you keep fighting until you reach your goals and fulfil your dreams. Congratulations, Class of 2013.

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