We hold a number of parents’ nights throughout the year. These are opportunities for parents, grandparents and guardians to meet with teachers and to get a better sense of how their children are doing in school. There was a lot of good energy in the building though not every conversation was a happy one, especially for those whose sons or daughters are not working to their full potential.

Marcos Enrique, our very talented and committed Admissions Director, had an encounter at last night’s parent’s night that sums up what our students and what our school is all about. Here’s what he wrote in an email to all of us at 9:58 p.m. last night:

In the middle of parent night tonight, I stepped outside to the back parking lot and since I didn’t have my keys, I opened the door all the way. Alex Nival saw me outside and came out to talk to me and noticed that there were huge trash bags piled up. He said he couldn’t stand to see that much trash together in our parking lots as parents walked by – it didn’t give a good impression. He grabbed Jay Hernandez, Juan Mendez and Emmanuel Beato and quietly brough all that trash to the dumpster. When I realized they had done that, I told them that was impressive. I don’t know what was more impressive, what they had done or Alex’s response when I told them I should give them a shout out. He said: “We don’t need to be given the glory of a shout out. We should give the glory to God.”

Just a nice experience in the middle of madness.

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